Dr. Kayln's Story

I’m just a Pediatrician trying to keep my stress level below crazy and make my student loan payments!

Dr. Kayln

After graduating from Ball State University in Muncie, IN in May 2016 with a degree in Integrated Studies: Sports Medicine Science, I completed Medical School at Des Moines University and Pediatrics Residency in South Carolina before settling back in my home state of Minnesota!

Throughout my long road of education, I learned to use my favorite stress reliever - crafting to help make my loan payments and relax after long days of work.

Helping others is one of my most profound passions, and crafting is no exception! My items are inspired by my own personal experiences, with the goal of helping others through similar circumstances, and to live their lives knowing how capable, beautiful, and loved you are!

From my experiences as a competitive gymnast, to suffering injuries, struggling with an eating disorder, and working to trust God to lead me each and every day, I sincerely hope that the wisdom I’ve gained can be passed on to others through my work.
I hope you enjoy these items I have handcrafted with love. And remember, you
are more capable, beautiful, and loved than you could ever imagine!